Hall Of Fame

Members of the AAF-Knoxville Advertising Hall of Fame are among the very best in advertising. They have shown throughout their careers a commitment to excellence and have helped advanced the advertising industry in Knoxville and surrounding areas.

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Hall of Fame Inductees List

John P. Hart, WBIR-TV10
Art Lavidge, Lavidge & Associates
Ken Maxwell, Maxwell Productions

Susan Metros, University of Tennessee
Curtis Parham, CP Productions
Ann Staup, Direct Mail Services

Charlie Brooks, Brooks Photography
Jim Early, Early & Associates
Tom Jester, Jester Productions

Bobby Denton, Dick Broadcasting
Ann Proud, Media Directions Advertising
Chris Wise, Lancaster Consulting Group

Hal Atwater, Davis Newman Payne
Ed Brantley, WIVK
Pat Dawson, Tennessee Valley Fair
Jim Dick, WIVK
Rev. J. Bazzel Mul, WJBZ
Dr. Ron Taylor, University of Tennessee

Dino Cartwright, WVLT
Skip Jordan, Davis Newman Payne
Jerry Smith, The Tombras Group

Bob Hasentufel, Bob Hasentufel Productions
Charles Tombras Jr., The Tombras Group
Linda Walker, WIVK

Jim Ridings, South Central Communications
Liz Tombras. WBIR-TV10
Jenni Wylie, WIVK
Dorothy Smith, Smith Marketing
Angela Wires, Creative Services

Lee Benedetti, Citadel Broadcasting
Dick Harrison, Harrison O’Neal
Chuck Morris, Morris Creative

Lisa Duncan, Knoxville News Sentinel
Jamie Lewis, Praise FM
Phyllis Samples, Phyllis Samples Creative

Bill Conway Jr., Conway Marketing Communications
Phil Hardison, Phil Hardison Films
Bruce Hartmann,Knoxville News Sentinel

Bob Crossland, Lamar Advertising
Ellen Liston, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
Max Shell, Covenant Health

Tom Hembree, Food City
Sam Littleton, WVLT-TV
Paul Scoonover, Asen Advertising & Marketing

Wayne Bowman, Bowman Creative + Strategy
Steve Early, Vol Network
David Jacobs, The Tombras Group

Jennifer Holder, First Tennessee Bank
Ben McWhorter, Citadel Broadcasting
Steve Richardson, The Tombras Group

Cecile Collins, Arby’s Restaurants
Jeff Lee, WBIR
Brian Potter, The Tombras Group

Cory Dickson, Cumulus Media
Chris Hornsby, Hornsby Brand Design
Steve Bowman, E.W. Scripps/Knoxville News Sentinel

Billy M. Rivet, On-Belay Medical and On-Belay Foundation
Marti Townsend, The Knoxville News Sentinel
Susie Norris, OrangeApple Branding

Josh Loebner, Designsensory
Jeremy Floyd, BPV Capital Management
Karl Thomas, Lundy Thomas Advertising and Public Relations

Michael Torano, Knoxville Opera
Guy Jacobssen, The Tombras Group
Dean Littleton, WVLT

Sue Renfro, Knoxville Area Rescue Mission
Brian Ford, Elastic Pictures
Joseph Nother, Designsensory

John Welsch
Sarah Loebner, Sugarlands Distilling
Vern Lindsey, Citizen Agency

Joy Riddle, The Tombras Group
Annie Lalond, Shoney’s of Knoxville
Bryan Allen, Popfizz

Adrian Pearce, WVLT-TV
Courtney Herda, Smarter Searches
Lindsay Miller, Designsensory

Juanell Walker, Talent Trek
Bob Colloredo, Colloredo & Associates
Steve Foster, WBIR

Robin Easter, Robin Easter Designs
Sarah Ward, The Frame Theory
Paul Jones

Robert McCabe Silver Medal Winners

1965: Charlie Haun, Cummings Outdoor
1966: Charlie Davis, Davis Newman Payne
1967: Roger Daley, Knoxville News Sentinel
1972: Neal Branch, WBIR-TV10
1974: Sam Newman, Davis Newman Payne
1976: Janet Dawson, WATE-TV6
1977: Gil Champagne, Knoxville News Sentinel
1978: Kenneth Hodge, Hodge Printing
1979: Richard Joel, University of Tennessee
1980: Liz Tombras, WBIR-TV10
1981: John Payne, Davis Newman Payne
1982: Bobby Denton, WIVK
1983: Bud Brooks, Ford Brooks Agency
1984: Jim Dick, Dick Broadcasting
1985: Charles Tombras Sr., The Tombras Group
1986: Jim Hart, WBIR-TV10
1987: Don McNeil, Tennessee Press Assoc.
1988: Lynn Leopper, WBIR-TV10
1989: Marvin Jack Kress, Kress Agency
1990: Ty McCloud, WATE-TV6
1991: Dick Meshendorf, Home Federal Bank
1992: Pat Wilson, WATE-TV6
1993: Ross Bagwell, Sr., Bagwell Productions
1994: Steve Dean, WBIR-TV10
1995: Dorothy Smith, Smith Marketing
1996: Jim Early, Early & Assoc.
1997: Shelba Murphy, Knoxville News Sentinel
1998: Charles Tombras Jr., The Tombras Group
1999: Tom Rowland, Rowland Productions
2000: Ann Staup, Direct Mail Services
2001: Chris Wise, Lancaster Consulting Group
2002: Ann Proud, Media Directions
2003: Ed Brantley, Citadel Broadcasting
2004: Curtis Parham, CP Productions
2005: Sam Littleton, WBIR-TV
2006: Terry Gillingham, South Central Communications
2007: Buddy McLean, Davis Newman Payne
2008: Carolyn Morton, Lamar Advertising
2009: Lisa Duncan, Dogwood Arts Festival
2010: Don Dudenbostel, Don Dudenbostel Photography
2011: David Jacobs, The Tombras Group
2012: Steve Early, Vol Network
2013: Chuck Morris, Morris Creative Group
2014: Dino Cartwright, Prestige Cleaners
2015: Bob Hasentufel, BobFilms
2016: Wayne Bowman, Bowman Creative + Strategy
2017: Dick Harrison, Harrison O’Neal
2018: Josh Loebner – Designsensory
2019: Linda Walker, WIVK
2020: Jamie Lewis, Praise 96.3
2021: Cory Dickson, Dickson Media & Events
2022: Adrian Pierce, WVLTb